Életrajz Képtár Régimódi Történet Művek Játék Pályázat Köszönet

"There is only one place I never name,
this is Debrecen. If I want to go to Debrecen, and when people are asking: where are you going just now, I answer: home. I have been teaching in Hódmezővásárhely since September 1942, I have been living in Pest since April 1945. Thirty-three years is a great amount of time, enough for Christ's entire life story. It was not enough for me to recognize: I have moved. Homeland, of course, till death, is always Debrecen."

"Homeland till death: Debrecen" - Magda Szabó confessed about her birthplace, who is Honorary Citizen of Debrecen, Korvin Chain and Kossuth Prize winner writer, playwright, translator.

One of the most prominent figures in Hungarian literature was born in 1917 in Debrecen.

Magda Szabó is one of the authors who has reclaimed a range of generations back to real literature, and reading. Her writings has been able to win the heart of new readers year by year, book by book. Ties to her birthplace, Debrecen appears in her novels, poems, dramas, in all of her works.

She wrote about her childhood in Ókút, the story of her family in Régimódi történet, the soul of Debrecen and the life of its best admirers in several essays. Her books line up in 43 languages on the shelves. Her stories are popular among young people, adults and the eldelry, her lifework is in the centre of interest.

Excerpts of sound recordings about her parents, patriotism and Debrecen with photographs.

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